A few words about us

A few words about us

An established trading company spanning Asia, we had our beginnings in consumer apparel and as a duty free supply and trading company in 1995. In 1997, we commenced our corporate life as Zeno Trading with a small staff of 5.

Zeno, as we came to be known, grew rapidly riding on Langkawi, expansive years as a duty-free paradise, and garnered reputation as a trading company with expertise in moving consumer goods from global market for regional distribution.

With intricate knowledge of the distribution networks, regulatory systems and local customs and practices, Zeno successfully bridged the chasm between foreign manufacturer and suppliers and indigenous consumers.
Business Activities
Building upon our business success and local market knowledge, we diversified, over the years, into domestic distribution and travel retail. In the year 2005, we ventured into the lifestyle and leisure consumer product, recognizing the opportunities for growth in this sector. Zeno is now a lifestyle products and services enterprise providing quality and innovative products and services entered to the changing and increasingly sophisticated needs and aspirations of consumer in the region.

Most, Zeno Group business transactions are conducted via our specialist trading companies. Zeno Trading, Keno Trading, Peno Trading, AATU Marketing Sendirian Berhad, Aziontrade Sendirian Berhad, Azio American Tobacco, Zeno Shopping Center, Zeno Duty Free Shopping Center Sendirian Berhad. Each of them specialized in specific field and comprised into different distinctive segments.

Vision & Mission Statement
Committed to providing one stop supply solutions, based on our expertise and experiences in products sourcing, our insight of latest market development and industry trend, our comprehensive technical supports and quality assurance program, and wide range of value added services, to help consumers weather through market uncertainty and challenges and even deliver beyond their expectations.

Our Strategy
In its effort to achieve customer satisfaction, Zeno has established a growing number of strategic partnership / distributorships with selected products / services providers from Europe and Asia. Zeno is also establishing a glowing number of local / national / regional partnerships / alliances to increase its market reach in today's marketplace.

Corporate Culture
At Zeno, four prominent values stand out and these are the core values we live up to throughout our operations and businesses worldwide - Respect & Responsibility, Excellence, Enterprising and Integrity.

Respect & Responsibility
At Zeno we will respect and treat each person as we would like to be treated, share knowledge responsibly and take ownership and accountability for our business decisions and results. Collectively, we will put our effort towards building a socially responsible organization.

Being a part player in a world of abundance and filled with exciting business opportunities, Zeno must move with speed and agility. By being enterprising, we will stretch the horizons of growth for ourselves, our business and our people to achieve outstanding personal and business result. We are also optimistic and will think, act and invest not only for today but for tomorrow's success. We will seek value beyond the obvious and will take calculated risks. We will accept, as well as adapt to changes as we move along.

Integrity in essence, calls for honesty and transparency in everything that we do. We will be fair and honest when dealing with our customers, partners, and ensure that we consistently do what we say, and deliver on our promises to the people that we deal with.

A culture of good values is not formed overnight. It is a combination of all our beliefs, actions and experience that eventually, like building blocks, will form the strong foundation of Zeno.